Oscars 2014

I am sure it is not a surprise that this post is about the Academy Awards. A evening that celebrates two of my favorite things, fashion and movies. In anticipation of the event, Honestly WTF posted sketches created by Media Run of all dresses worn by the best actress.oscarsMy favorite gowns are as follows:

14399324-mmmainLupita Nyong’o in Prada.

article-2571569-1BFA01ED00000578-949_634x836 Naomi Watts in Calvin Klein.article-2571741-1BFA19B800000578-497_634x968Cate Blanchett in Armani.rs_634x1024-140302165209-634.kate-hudson-oscars-030214Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace.rs_634x1024-140302164056-634.jennifer-lawrence.cm.3214Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior Couture.rs_634x1024-140302155018-634-amy-adams-oscars.ls.3214 Amy Adams in Gucci.rs_634x1024-140302170042-634-sandra-bullock-oscar.ls.3214_copySandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen.

What were your favorite gowns?


2 responses to “Oscars 2014

  1. Such beautiful dresses, & I love how you’ve presented them all! On our sofa, the votes were tied between Cate Blanchett & Lupita, & they were our two favorites to win as well…!

  2. Lupita and Kate were my favorites. Everyone was very understated this year.
    And could someone who tweets do Goldie
    A favor and tell her she is a beautiful woman, but enough with the fillers!

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