How to wear sneakers?

So you had to of noticed the sneaker trend? A lot has changed in the sneaker world. They are no longer solely for working out. It all started with the Ashe platform sneaker; I loved the look but it was not for me. Last summer I noticed the Celine sneaker. This, however, is something that I would wear. Now, J.Crew offers a special colored new balance sneaker. At the Chanel 2014 show, they mixed sneakers with couture. Take a look below at your many options and find out how you can incorporate this into your wardrobe.

Ashe styled


Celine fca5c68a65cd4b76cf7c73adcb1e1f38




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Chanel0757308c2a89359af11178c5acbe7d82 fbc0603dd22cb7298af4e3c1b4ff10c6-1 b3f4e937d1f5d6deb805abbac2508574 5021c696104218254ec933cc318d29ad 09aef1aa599c2e72f8c112450a8ec588 4cc5c317636289f53d4ba61fc85f181f 3fcfd3cc40fa24a3108586236fc5e00eJ Crew0ff01197264a41cb03101e17396d8c06 70ad072d7862efd71fa63808728a7de5 8162578e2b662e2a26c8c67a2262ab28 b83bb4af6a5116a662d53038e0b65e34Now here is how people are wearing sneakers

Eva Chen 27f67d77ca1e2737b34e0ef9504442b4 90e69c5508714fcac5b318c06d15ff91 1544fd7983157af5d8ad5826304b313d JAIME KING Out and About in West Hollywood a7cf3d5816870b8dd751ccbb7a1bbc72 b1861c7a0ece306827b532af0ddbe531 tumblr_mkyzhfFxOy1qbbjpeo1_1280329800274c9e72c5d68a0a7e5b0f200ab30aaa 711f19ad470e35af4ce13a4ddd87a5fb b5b19aba0e1d832f25871db35584f2f3Are you already wearing sneakers? If so, how? If not, are you going to embrace this trend? As always, I love your feedback.



5 responses to “How to wear sneakers?

  1. Yep- I’m already there. I love my DKNY gold and camel wedge sneakers. They are comfortable and cool. Skinny jeans, denim skirt, capris all go with these groovy kicks.

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