A special evening at Sushi Nakazawa.

Have you seen the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi? The movie is a documentary about the most prestigious sushi chef in Tokyo. Jiro Ono’s restaurant only seats 10 people and he is the oldest 3 star Michelin chef alive. I also believe he has the smallest restaurant of any Michelin winner. The menu at his restaurant is set and varies daily. Jiro has a specific and creative way to prepare each fish. You won’t  need to use any soy sauce at this sushi bar. The movie is about dedication, passion, family and, of course, sushi. Sushi lover or not, this movie is a must see.Unknown

Chef Daisuka Nakazawa was  a student of Jiro for 11 years. Recently he opened a Sushi Nakazawa on a tree lined street in the West Village.  When I was in New York I had to opportunity to dine there. It is a 20 course preset sushi menu. The sushi is simply presented but the individual flavors are amazing. Nakazawa prepares sushi in a way I had never experienced before. You eat the sushi from right to left. We started with two types of salmon and then scallop and the giant clam. Next was a trigger fish and trout, followed by 3 different types of mackerel. Following that we ate two different types of shrimp, bonito, mackerel , tuna, sea urchin, sea bream, salmon roe, and eel. Of course the last piece was an egg omelet. The saki menu was extensive. The evening was memorable and I am looking forward to returning. This is definitely worth a stop on your next trip to New York City. Below are photos from the GothamistIMG_3110 IMG_3137 IMG_3174 IMG_3286  I hope you enjoy my new layout. As I always say I would love your feedback.


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