How to add lucite to your world

As you already know from my previous posts such as black and white and silver, I always appreciate when fashion and interiors follow the same trend. In my world, the two certainly influence each other. Lucite has been popular in interiors and we are now seeing fashion designers create accessories in the material. Lucite, which is an acrylic resin, was created in the 30’s. Apartment Therapy has an interesting post on the history of lucite.

Lucite works in modern and traditional spaces. It adds a lightness and gleaming visual absence to the room. Here are some typical lucite items for the interiors.7a2f8c673fef8ea76f777c70d1ff9349

Lucite and this photograph remind me of hollywood glamour.

{Elle Decor}

9686f22df746684b74fda962810df24d{Haus Design}39da72b4b9b2fbe76f6b298d97eba487It is visually pleasing to see rustic design elements mixed with lucite.

e747d55ba6d7e00cbd67c7e9f608b512fca526b67f915066832f35fde7934a3bd1780823ed3851ca744f1e4dba7ce1192bd4a8b7ab8ba8a7336f5352e435c028{Apartment Therapy}758498b2ee6fe547ba03f1bd245b76af

Below, lucite is shown in a more modern, untraditional way.
62712556b4d6d8a4888237b2610daf77A refreshing new twist to add to a nursery. In case you were wondering, Beyonce has the crib shown below.2bdf97323936e64eb4d754ac830d2d301e8e1acbfadf6940686337bf00fc0612Putting four of these cubes together would make a unique coffee table.

A great way to update your kitchen is to change your cabinet hardware to lucite. 
b2c2491fc93ca2ac2b634c5cad0828c9I would have never combined two lucite pieces, but this looks fresh. This would be lovely in a bathroom or bedroom.

{Apartment Therapy}ef811b1503d29391fce6d9c2bc229ce5I have always been a fan of free floating shelves but next time I want to try them in lucite.a784509055324e255360e8fb61ef80f0df3f80d49d7a79a4f200f33e58688fab6d00d80255b5922ac9acc3aaee7e6f8bThis is my favorite piece in lucite. I would also take the ocean view.

{Jennifer Post/Architectural Digest}
9e4d4dd2e4589feae23f1c38593b68bfNow, let’s look at fashion accessories.

Lucite heels47b3967edee4248382d0c8f1ae303906{Lanvin}
e44758d3d2a5671d16c8c6a7bd30fe63{Valentino}4fef33305477ea24234c17402b24d51e{Loeffler Randall}98e03b646039801904e232055f608626{Prada}1f1d5ed607cac4af7b1c9eee4c0b7c87a9f40ea62a567acf784889d3b9d273c8{Courreges}5a7c5cef66a102fe83860b6ccd999ec8{Vogue UK}fa3cf7e5a96cf28d413846f21924b495{Lane Bryant}723b40331aba9080d89896ddcb6f94b9{Nasty Gal}7e6fa07debabc8e0bedaf5fc1346a490d172f24e4bfcb28a4d1dee93a2b95b9b{Charlotte Olympia}
1a2d178ad9daf03a413dbc4fb966e296The minaudieres above are beautiful, however, I prefer the ones with a lining so everything in my bag can not be seen.1626b88b72c2ed67c6f3a0fba49e2190{Catherine Malandrino}26303558c488e48c23e7ff3414bcb2d1{Alice + Olivia}

Are you as crazy about lucite as I am?



10 responses to “How to add lucite to your world

  1. Love love love it!! I had a lucite vanity when young and it was so cool- wish I had kept it but there was no room for it when I moved back then. I do have some lucite jewelry from awhile ago and shoes too. But, my favorite use of it is in the home. Great post!

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  4. I like lucite very much and have a few vintage lamps that are favourites… it really gives a brightness to a room… xv

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