Masai Mara, Kenya

The month of May has me pondering and dreaming of summer adventures. I can not forget how excited I was last year at this time when I was patiently awaiting  my trip to Africa. I have previously posted one blog on the Samburu National Park in Kenya and promised to post three more blogs on the trip. Here is the second one on the Masai Mara.P1000709We arrived at the airport. Yes, this is it! From there we proceeded on to the Mara Ngenche Camp.P1000741P1000742P1000750 P1000751P1000750P1000759P1000780P1000812P1000725The next morning we (myself and my two teenagers) were awake before 5 am in order to travel to our destination for the hot air balloon ride. We lifted off in the dark but soon saw the sunrise. It was a breathtaking and spiritual experience. When we were in Africa we saw the sunrise and sunset everyday. It was one of the many joys of the safari. Since the wildebeest were migrating we could see them for miles and miles.P1000851P1000836P1000872After breakfast we spent hours watching the wildebeest ponder whether or not they were going to cross the river. There were wildebeest lined up on both sides of the river and it seemed as if they were playing a game. They would charge as if to cross but then change their minds. They would do this over and over.  We arrived back at the camp for lunch (which is on a river) and during lunch, as luck would have it, a group of wildebeest crossed. It was extremely exciting. We were cheering on those brave wildebeest. The Mara Ngenche Camp is located on the confluence of the Mara and the Talek rivers. We had hippos serenading us all day and night.P1000902 P1000888
P1010067P1000904P1000903 Below are a few of the decorative details you would find throughout the camp.P1010089P1010105P1010102 The last day we were on a mission to complete the big five. All we were missing was the black rhinoceros.P1010014P1010146P1000929P1010123P1000964

The next morning we went to a Masai village. Our guide Henry was Masai and lived in a village when he was not a guide. The people danced and gave us a tour of their village. We were able to buy some of their beautiful beaded jewelry. I will never forget the loving people and their hospitality. P1010165P1010177P1010193P1010208P1010212IMG_2113The bracelet above, made by one of the Masai women, is now on my bookshelf.


6 responses to “Masai Mara, Kenya

  1. I know how excited you were for this trip and I can see it must have been beyond any expectations!! Reading your blog and looking at the amazing photos, reminds me of our African safari, we were told by our guide” once your foot touches african soil your heart will always long to come back”, oh how very true!!!

  2. Wow. Literally another world. And a very beautiful one. The animals are breathtaking and the sun. Hard to get my head around the fact it is the same sun we see every day. Very
    Inspirational. How fabulous that you were able
    To experience this with your teenage children!
    What do the native people do in addition to
    Their gorgeous bead work?

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