Look what I stumbled upon in Boston

This post was planned to be published on Monday April 15, 2013 but for obvious reasons it was not. My heart goes out to everyone in Boston as they are healing. It is a fabulous city and I can not wait to return in the fall (my youngest child is attending college there). Yes, I will soon be an empty nester.

I am a very lucky woman and was able to spend the past few days in Boston. It was typical April weather with heavy spring showers and temperatures ranging from the 30’s to the 60’s. I am always rejuvenated by the seasons and weather changes. Here are some photo highlights from my trip. IMG_2028IMG_2065The following three photos are from Winston Flowers on Newbury Street. As you entered the store, there were two large urns flanking the front door filled with hyacinths. They were spectacular. I think everyone enjoys things that are miniature. Inside the store they had a wide variety of arrangements with various hanging terrariums filled with springbulbs. Now you can see why I always order from Winston when sending flowers to people in the Boston area. IMG_2033
IMG_2030IMG_2032The city was festive on Saturday with everyone excited about the Boston Marathon. The b.good men and women are planning on running in their hamburger suits to raise money for charity. On Saturday they were dancing and passing out free milkshakes trying to collect donations.
IMG_2035IMG_2068My big surprise was when I wandered into the new 40,000 square foot Restoration Hardware. It is an incredible collaboration between Gary Friedman and James Gillam of Backen, Gillam, Kroeger Architectural firm. The store is located in the old Historic Museum of Natural History and most recently it was the Louis Store.IMG_2066(the following photos are by Restoration Hardware)images

Classic me, I just wandered into a side door wondering if this was still the Louis of Boston store, however, it happened to be the anticipated opening day of the Restoration Hardware store. To say the least, I was very surprised and excited by what I had stumbled upon. Here are some highlights:

  • A fresh flower boutique by Orly Khon.
  • A 24 foot tall steel Eiffel Tower.
  • A library with magazines and publications from around the world.
  • A billards room.
  • A cinema with an antique popcorn machine from the 1930’s World Fair.
  • A wine bar with bottles from Napa Valley.
  • Recreation of a 1892 traction-and-counter weight elevator.

2ndflr_Lobby-1201_hero-thumbResto_Phase3_Day1-3374_3rdFlr_billiard_hero2ndflr_Lobby-1131-thumbOrly Kohn was at the store. This is her first retail outlet. She is an extremely talented floral designer who until this venture was only available to private clients and events. She is known for a palette of green and white.
IMG_2045IMG_2040IMG_2044It was hard to take photos and capture the magnificence of this store. Obviously, it was extremely crowded. IMG_2049{The children’s collection} 

How adorable are the Chesterfield sofas? I can not wait till I have a client that is in need of some children’s furniture.

IMG_2059IMG_2057Great twin bed for a young aviator’s room.IMG_2061

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Have a great week.


4 responses to “Look what I stumbled upon in Boston

  1. Makes me want to move back to bean town…
    Ok perhaps a long weekend! What a great place to go to college!!!

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