How to add silver to your wardrobe

In previous years all I needed for summer was white jeans, a great top and a pair of gold sandals. As much as I still like gold, I am ready for a change. I have started to add silver accents to my wardrobe. Last fall I purchased a pair of silver jeans and ended up wearing them all of the time. Originally, I bought  them to wear to an event but found out they were very versitile. For day I would wear them with a blazer and for night with a turtleneck or silk blouse. You can pair them with sneakers, flats or heels.ac3440132a600419bf1b86e16b9b54bePinterest350365_fr_mt2R13 silver jeans from Net-A-Porter.

Silver jeans may not be for everyone. A silver skirt is another option. 6a03bdde7fac0d2624709ba0761d6b97Nina Ricci skirt from Net-A-Porter.

Or perhaps a top in silver, instead?

349713_ou_mt2Joseph leather tank top from Net-A-Porter.a20c6f141635ef23e13048968d1c54dbPinterestce1b75aaf559c8e1376e500688b7e279Not only do I love her top, but her hair is also amazing. Pinterest

If silver clothing is still too adventurous for you, accessories are always a great easy way to add a new trend to your wardrobe.ba61d9df808afd1e6f945b3df96a9ab2PinterestJerome_2013_Soft-Silver_1Sam Edelman Jerome shoe from Shopbop.

imagesSam Edelman Gigi from Zappos.

349468_fr_mt2Miu Miu heart sandals from Net-A-Porter.335167_ou_mt2Proenza Schouler clutch from Net-A-Porter.

Since this is a lifestyle blog here are a few other special things I love in silver…

For the home.afb66295a0b0e464cca3b57e508c8220Pinterest

My favorite is this silver labrador. My first dog was a black labrador and maybe my next one will be a silver labrador. Isn’t he/she adorable? Look at those eyes!453d81918dcc9f36b3efe677807655b3What are your thoughts on adding silver to your life? Wishing you a sparkling week.


13 responses to “How to add silver to your wardrobe

  1. Love the dog, the chair and the hair. That must
    Be sooo liberating! I don’t have the self-confidence to go silver, but she looks amazing. I am using silvery, shimmery lighting
    Fixtures in the house I am renovating. I think
    Silver adds an old world Hollywood glamorour
    without necessarily being too over the top.
    A little bling is a good thing.

  2. As a blonde , I never thought I could wear silver, but you are blond and my style guru so I’m diving in!
    P.S The little puppie is a Weimaraner, Izzy our first dog was a Weim and there is NOTHING cuter than those puppies!!!!

    • Another reader also thought that the puppy was a Weimaraner but recently let me know that silver Labradors do exist. A puppy is a puppy always adoreable! Never met one I did not fall in love with.

  3. I love silver! It is a very cooling metal and, with summer ahead in South Florida, it is a great time of year to wear anything silver. I am definitely going to add silver to my wardrobe as it is the closest to my favorite color…white. Love the images you chose for this post…the clothes are inspiring, the dog is adorable and the woman with the silver tresses wears it with such grace and style…great haircut. Super topic!

  4. I love all forms of reflection! I have to admit that I still have 2 oversized silver ball ornaments from the holidays on my living room bookshelf. They are so beautiful and add a sparkle to the room. A beautiful post Margaret…especially the puppy!

    • I just removed some glass ball ornaments that I still had out from Christmas. It is nice to be able to enjoy them a little longer than the season allows.

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