Holiday Windows

Everyone loves beautifully decorated holiday windows. They really are magical. Below are some of my favorites for 2012.

John Hoey and his team outdid themselves with Bergdorfs Goodman’s windows. BG Follies of 2012, were inspired by Ziegfield Follies and the theatrics of the jazz copy 002_BG_HOLIDAY2012-2 photo copy 3004_BG_HOLIDAY2012-3 005_BG_HOLIDAY2012-4photoHarvey Nichols’ theme is an ice workshop. Janet Wardley, head of visual design, created majestic animals trapped in giant blocks of ice amongst snowdrifts, snowflakes and glittering icicles.front_windows2_005 HarveyNicholsXmas01 front_windows2_001 harvey-nichols-christmas-windows-2011 front_windows2_004Selfridges’ windows were designed by photographer Bruce Weber. The theme is not your usual copy 7 photo copy 8 photo copy 9 photo copy 10 photo copy 6 photo copy 4 My favorite blog posts of the week were from I Prefer Paris. On December 11th the blog featured Hermes holiday windows and on December12th Printemps’ windows.

What are your favorite store windows? If you have any great photographs or names of stores with fabby windows let me know in the comment section. Have a great weekend.


Photos are from either the individual store website or by Libby Edelman.

5 responses to “Holiday Windows

  1. I wish we lived in a place where we could really admire Christmas windows…..sigh.It is such a great way to get in the Holiday spirit when you are doing your holiday shopping.In all fairness to the charming town of Palm Beach,Tracey Dara Kamenstein used to do interesting holiday windows.I haven’t walked the avenue this year.It is always beautiful walking it at night.
    If you need some holiday spirit,try walking the Breakers lobby.Now that is beautiful!I hear they have a fab new restaurant called HMF.Walk through the romantic lobby,and have a delicious holiday supper with someone you love. Or at the very least, someone you want to have a lovely dinner with.
    Happy Happy~Merry Merry

    • I know it is not the same as being in front of the beautifully decorated windows but you can google any store and see what they have created for this season. I agree, the Breakers does the most amazing job creating a festive decor.

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