Art Basel 2012

I love Art Basel and the other art fairs this time of year. This is just a small selection of the fabulous artwork in Miami.IMG_1418Jani LeinonenIMG_1420Jani Leinonen
Bruce SilversteinIMG_1427 Bruce SilversteinIMG_1426 I do not have the name of the artist.IMG_1424 Scott CampbellIMG_1485 Xaviera SimmonsIMG_1483 Xaviera SimmonsIMG_1481 Chitra GaneshIMG_1480 Nick CaveIMG_1478 Nick CaveIMG_1477 Nick CaveIMG_1475 Jean-Michel BasquiatIMG_1473 Andy WarholIMG_1472 I do not have the name of the artist.IMG_1471 I do not have the artist name.IMG_1468 Mariana Palma IMG_1464 Petah CoyneIMG_1461Lin Tianmiao
IMG_1458 Allora and CalzadillaIMG_1455 Andrea BowersIMG_1453 I do not have the artist name.IMG_1449 Jan FabreIMG_1445 Brad KahlhamerIMG_1444 I do not have the name of the artist.IMG_1441 John PylypchukIMG_1439 John PylypchukIMG_1437 Ivan NavarroIMG_1436 Ivan NavarroIMG_1435 Ivan NavarroIMG_1432Ivan Navarro

Bass Musuem

IMG_1414I do not have the name of the artist.IMG_1413 I do not have the name of the artist.IMG_1411 Gary Simmons
IMG_1405 Dave McKenzieIMG_1400 Dave McKenzieIMG_1389Randy Polumbo …Love Sream 2IMG_1395 IMG_1394 IMG_1393 IMG_1392 IMG_1391Overture Miami

IMG_1494 Sara ModianoIMG_1498 Seung Mo Park…..this is made out of steele wool.IMG_1493 Scott HoveIMG_1487My favorite gallery at the Overture Miami was the Holden Luntz Gallery. It is definitely a must see. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos. They had a beautiful photograph by Frank Horvat. Taglialatella Gallery has an incredible exhibit of work by Andy Warhol.

Let me know if you are in Miami or are inspired by any art this weekend.

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